Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time Management

So I was on my way home today and as I was driving down the road a string of thoughts went through my mind, that led to this blog.

First, I saw all these cars on the road and thought to myself, 'ahh gosh I hate traffic! I'm never going to get home on time!' Then I thought, 'where are all these people coming from and heading to?' Then as I thought about it I thought about how they are like ants. Seriously now, I am not just saying this. They rush back and forth between home, work, dinner, taking family to various places they need to be, and do they ever stop and just think about how most of it is just insignificantly stressing them out?

I mean come on people! Do we ever stop to think? Do we think about where we are going and what we are doing and above all do we EVER come to the conclusion that it is not as important as we want to make it? Now hear me out. Ladies, is that major sale at the mall really worth yelling at your family to make them get ready in time so you won't be late? Guys, is that basketball game really worth getting in a fight with your family just so they will leave you alone so you can watch it?

My point is this alright: When does being responsible and busy with the important things of life turn into this overboard, unsensible rush to make it through the day?

I think that if people would ever take the time to just stop, rewind the tape, and look at their life in slow motion, they might, possibly, hopefully start to realize that slowing down could be a better, more responsible way to live.

Honestly people, if you just take the time to get your thoughts together, (yes, you do have thoughts in your head even though you try to push them out of there as much as possible.) you would see what things really are the most important. Like, family, friends, the people in your life who love you. Yes yes, even your boyfriend or girlfriend; they are more important than that sale or basketball game right? If you don't think so, then re-read this blog because you need to get your priorities straight.

Another thing. Why do we insist that every second, of every minute of our day be filled with something to do? What would happen if we just relaxed? What would happen if we sat down and read a book? I shall clarify that last example; a book that we are not assigned to read for a class. Now do not take what I am saying as an excuse for being lazy and not doing the important things in your life. But understand me; I do not think people should go through every day without taking time slow down, maybe even stop, and enjoy what they have accomplished.

Anyway, this is just some stuff I was thinking about today. I didn't put a ton of thought into it but I wanted to say it just incase it would do anyone any good.

And that's just the world outside my window.

As always,

"vivo amare imparare"


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