Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow you may get fired.

Right now I am so tired that I almost don't think I can write anything that could possibly make sense. But, I shall give it a go.

Today was my first day of work.* da da da duuuum* It was painfully tiring. I didn't even start training. (for those of you who do not know, I work at Trader Joes). Man, I spent two hours filling out paperwork. Yeah, here's a shout out to the U.S. Government for making me go through all this. (and no, that was not true gratitude). I was supposed to start work today, according to my employer, but he did not remember he had to sign my work permit application and that I have to go have it approved before I can actually "officially" start. *rolls eyes*. I did however fill out all the crappy paperwork I had to so that when I go in next week I can actually start training! Yay me right?

Well, I am totally excited. I have been trying to find a job for FIVE months!! Gosh, I didn't realize how hard it would be to get a job until the first three months had gone by. Then, I thought about it and realized it was going to take alot more work than I thought it would. The economy is at such a low right now. Hardly anyone is hiring. More importantly, hardly anyone is hiring someone under the age of eighteen; especially if it is their first job!

So I spent a few weeks trying to get this job. Ok ok, I spent about a month trying to get this job; and after two interviews with some awesome managers, I finally got it. It is going to be so much fun. I love the people I'm working with; not to mention the employee discount I get. Yes, I love Trader Joes. So you people who live in the general area of Folsom, California, go do some of your shopping at Trader Joes!

I just figured something new out about me. I can actually be a really outgoing person if I put my mind to it! Ok, I'll admit I don't usually put myself out there to be social, but, for this job it is a requirement. Hey, I already know about nine new people just from my first day! That's more people than I usually make friends with in a five year period of time. I have never been the "social butterfly" that these people see me as. I have been for the majority of my life, a "loner". I've been the kid who kind of stays to the back of the room. The kid who doesn't have many friends; and the kid who's friends don't really even know her. *haha* I guess change can be a very VERY good thing.

Oh, I also realized something else today. I hate gas prices!!! yes, this is my comedic paragraph. Gosh, I knew ever since the day I got my license that gas was going to be hard to pay for, but man, commuting is hell for it. I have it roughly figured out that out of how much I earn per month, I am going to spend near $50 bucks just on commuting back and forth between my house and work. That just makes me sick. Again, thank you to the U.S. government for contributing to problems in the economy so that this blog is made possible. Without you, I would have very little to talk about.

So that's the world outside my window for today. And for now, eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow you may get fired.

P.S. Sorry for the cynicism. It comes with the vocation.

As always,

"vivo amare imparare"


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Lexi said...

I don't know about up there, but down here in San Diego, Trader Joes is everybody's favorite place. It's a mini celeb. Good for you! :)