Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Consistent Inconsistencies

Once again, I have been slacking in my regularity of informing you of my life.
This will not be full of my views on the world or on anything in particular. It will however be a piece of my soul. I believe that when one writes a piece of literature they are in fact putting a piece of their soul onto paper through the use of a pen and the art of their words. So sit back, and enjoy the next two texts.

Infinitely Finite

Finite goals.
In the end they are nothing.
Infinite possibilities
accompanied by infinite limitations.

Companionship for comfort.
What's the worth of ones faith?
Lost in a life long dream
looking for a means to an end.

The past is the present;
The present the future.
There is no moving forward
If we dwell on what was.

Cause and effect.
Yet we forget what we do.
I drown in metaphors
Searching for conclusions.

Deluded soul.
I search for what is new.
But I'm lost in my conclusions
of what our love was in the past.

You're finally moving forward.
And where does that leave us?
A loss for words, a love untold.
God's brought me to my knees.

A prayer for trust.
I pray that we'll escape
the infinite limitations
that rise like sun over the bay.

Drowning in our love.
Forgetting all that was.
Looking towards infinite possibilities
As a moon that eclipses the sun.



Like a barrel of wine
That has been aged for too long.
That's the amount of time I've spent
trying to right all these wrongs.

I can't press the issues
For fear of your wrath
But I can't live in daydreams
And just make myself laugh.

Like a writer who's blocked,
I've stayed up for days,
Trying to tell you I love you
In a hundred odd ways.

Now three words have been spoken
And I can't take them back.
But these days, all our progress
has come under attack.

Today we fight for our freedoms.
We fight to gain trust
That was taken away
By a beast, best named Lust.

Now we're counting our blessings
as the tree's start to fade.
But I'm green with envy;
An ugly tone of jade.

I want what we had
When we were so full of hope.
Yet it seems that for now,
I will just have to cope.

I am counting the moments
Like time travelers do.
I have faith that one day
Time will lead back to you.


Vivo amare imparare.

-The Missunderstood