Sunday, October 25, 2009

The World of Beauty & Fashion is a Cut Throat Business

So, it has been ages since I've given an update on my crazy life and I was sitting at home today and realized that it was about time I started writing again.

Thus, the crazy stories begin. In the last 4 months I have entered the beauty industry as a cosmetoligist. Doesn't sound dangerous right? Or does it...

I joined an academy near-ish to where I live and I thought it would just be a really fun way to get into the job field I really wanted to spend some serious years of my life in. Well, was I ever wrong about how fun it would be. Granted, it is fun some of the time, it is also a really cut throat world. When you get 30 or 40 women together in one building, 5 days a week, with no men around, the claws come out! I love my school so this isn't me talking smack about them, however, the kind of people who get into this industry scare me to death. I have never been the shy type, but when you have 5 or more women attacking you verbally at the same time and you know you have a good 7 months left to spend with them EVERY DAY, you shut the hell up and hunker down for the storm.

And the story continues. I also recently started back up at my old wonderfull job of Trader Joes. The job from which I fled about 8 months ago do to employee conflicts. After being in a cosmetology school for 4 months I've run back to TJ's with a whole new appreciation for the crazy people that work there. Cosmetologists make my co-workers look tame.

Anyway, that's all of an update I have time for today, but I will be back in the near future with more details about the crazy life into which I have been thrown.

Sometimes, spinning.
Sometimes, falling.
But always looking,
At the World Outside My Window.