Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dream a little dream of me

So you want to know what's new with me today do you?

Well today my life has been crazy. I would like to address the topic of "dreams." Dreams can take on a number of different characteristics. They can be exciting. They can be scary. They can be fun. They can be terribly boring. Personally, my dreams usually take on the characteristics of multiple clashing things.

Last night for example, I had a dream that I am still deciding about. I can't tell if I should call it a nightmare, or a good dream. It was good, and bad, all at the same time. I enjoyed it, and yet, when I woke up I felt terrible because of it. I would guess that most people know the kind of dream I'm talking about.

Moving on. I played tennis today. Tennis is definitely one of my most favorite pass times. I play with whoever will play with me. I don't care if they are amazing players, or if they can hardly get the ball over the net. I just love to play.

Oh, now for the exciting and confusing part of my life. I have a friend who's brother lives in another state. I've been friends with their family for a really long time. Every single time he comes to visit I end up confused for months. Right about the time I get unconfused, he comes for another visit and bammm the cycle starts all over again. *rolls eyes*. It's an interesting thing friendship is. One moment, you can be practically enemies with a person, and the next, it's like you've been good friends with them your whole life.

Well, I have decided that I am not who I used to be. You know, it's interesting how we so often try to remain the way we have been in the past, just for the sake of not changing. We are so scared of change. I have decided however, that it is about time I accept the fact that I have changed. People who have known me my whole life, would probably agree with this conclusion. I have tried for so long to pretend that I'm the perfect, inocent girl I always used to be. Because man, people grow up, and they are not so inocent anymore. Life changes us, people change us, circumstances and experiences also change us. When you finally accept yourself for who you are, I've realized other people start accepting you to.

I have had some good experiences that have changed me for the better; and I have had some bad experiences that have left me jaded. The thing is, you can't grow up without changing into someone new. Life leaves scars. I have learned to deal with them. Life also gives us things that make up for all those scars; like love, and friendship, and family.

Well that's it for the world outside my window for today.

As Always,

"vivo amare imparare"


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Kmart said...

I LOVE your blog its soooooo cool!!! Ill be checking in on it ALL THE TIME!!!!