Saturday, April 12, 2008


So today is just going to be me talking about my life. I know this is not the typical type of writing I do. I usually talk about certain topics relevent to most people's lives, but today I am going to talk about myself.

So I have come to a realization about my family. The more I grow up and become more independent, the more my parents pull me in every direction trying to keep my their little girl. They stretch me to the max just to prove that I'm not mature enough to deal with things in life and that I should still rely on them. Does this seem wrong to anyone else besides me?

I mean come on. I understand parents being hard pressed to let their little girl, their last born grow up, because they are scared to lose her. No, I do not have a problem with that, but when they purposely try to stretch you out in all areas of your life just so that you won't want to go, now that is something I have a problem with!

I am a fairly independent person. I have a job, a car, I can pay for my own food if I need to, I'm not required to pay rent yet because I'm only 16 and my parents are not going to charge me untill I am 18, but I could pay rent if required. Yet, even though I am proving that I am learning to be mature and responsible with finances, with people, and with my life in general, they still feel they should treat me as a child. I understand certain restrictions on things I should be allowed to and not allowed to do. I am only 16 afterall; but I don't think I should be treated as if I am not mature, responsible, independent, or intelligent!

Now you may think that this is just another teenage girl venting on her parents. We all do that sometimes, but that's not what I am trying to do right now. Yes, I will admit that there is a certain amount of hostility in this blog, but that is mostly because of the load of stress I am under right now. My point to most of this is just this simple: What one of my views of the role of a parent should be is this, a parent is the one who gives you life, but they should also train you up to be a mature and responsible adult so that you can be independent and function in the world on your own. I think that a person who does not do this really is not accomplishing their role. My parents should be teaching me the skills I need in life and the responsibility to use them so that I can live on my own. This is what I think all parents should be doing.

Lately I've been under alot of stress because I have a new job. I got this job so that I could save up to move out. My parents know that this is my plan, and they have also been fighting me on the subject of moving out ever since I first brought it up. Therefore, they are happy that I got this job, but also unhappy at the same time because they know what I am saving the money for. So in return they have been putting alot of strain on me to do things and not do things just because they want me to depend on them more. They restrict me from alot more things than they used to, and they require more of me than I think should be required.

Well, this is just a little bit about my life right now. I do have alot more to say but alas I do not have the time to type it out right now. Hey, who knows, maybe I'll write a book someday. Well as for now, this is just the world outside my window.

As always,

"vivo amare imparare"


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