Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Run for your life!

Wow. Well as you can see it has been a few days since my last post. I will now attempt to give you my reason and make it into a somewhat enjoyable blog. *evil grin*

Well let's see, tuesday I started my first day of training at Trader Joes. It was fun, exciting, slightly confusing, and mostly, above all, it was exhausting!

I am being trained by a girl who is only about a year older than I am, so we get along really well. I learned to bag, do cart runs, (running around the parking lot bringing the carts back to the store) cleaning, stocking, and lots of miscellaneous things around the store. I must say, four hours on your feet with only a fifteen minute break, now that is exhausting. It is especially exhausting because you are not just standing in one place the whole time. You are running around the store trying to find stuff for customers, you are running through the parking lot dodging crazy people driving cars they should never be allowed to get behind the wheel of in the first place, you are dealing with really mean (mind you only a few) customers who no matter what you do they think you are doing a terrible job, and you are playing the part of a happy camper all day.

I did not realize how intense the job would be. I will freely admit I did not expect to be running for my life the first day. (dodging crazy drivers remember) However, it is very rewarding. I love the people I'm working with even more now that I have gotten to know them better. My boss is still great. He even gave me and my trainer free lunch because he thought I was doing so amazingly on my first day. I did not mention the heavy lifting they have you do. Ok, maybe not "heavy" for a guy; but for a girl, man it get's old really fast! lifting 25 pound cubes of paper bags and loading them onto dollys and carting them to the front of the store and unloading them and distributing them to the registers is probably at this moment my least favorite part of the job. But hey, my arms are looking good already. *hehe*

Now, I know alot of you out there who read my blog have jobs. Maybe you are a hard working career person who spends their day in the office. Maybe you spend your day cooking food in a diner. There is one thing however that makes work better for each and every one of us no matter what our field; that thing is great co-workers!!! If you have to work with someone who is a complete ass you are not going to enjoy your life. If you work with someone whom you get along with and like being around, you are going to feel alot better about going into work each time.

These are just my thoughts for the day. And that's it for the world oustide my window.

As always,

"vivo amare imparare"


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