Friday, October 15, 2010


This post is going to explore an entirely foreign field for me. I have made it a point in past years, especially recent years, not to write about politics or anything political or controversial for that matter. However, I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday researching "Realpolitik" and political views stemming from Germany; I was reading something on wikipedia and listening to Politik by Coldplay and thinking about a conversation I recently had with my dear friend Daniel and this text came to me. Before I let you read it I ask simply that you scan through this post on wikipedia, especially how Realpolitik relates to realism and the Machiavellian mindset, so as to have a better grasp of what my text speaks of. The link is posted below.

Now, for my text:



When the past meets the present
And it blurs into one
Don’t doubt me a moment,
Don’t doubt the passion of one.
When the fires burn,
And the bombs burst away,
Don’t doubt for a second,
Ones power to change.
When freedom is forfeit,
And the world starts to sway,
When truth is forgotten,
We drown in the rain.
Conquer the liars,
Take back from the thieves,
The hope of the nations,
Our right to be free.
In the depths of our torture,
Hearts full of self deceit;
In this world of politics
Can truth compete?
Take back your voices,
Your right to speak;
For truth is our power;
Lies are for the weak.

As you hear me say quite often, please do not take this text at mere face value. For example, I will point out one thing to you and then leave the poem to speak for itself; My lines that say, "When freedom is forfeit and the world starts to sway, when truth is forgotten, we drown in the rain." This is not to be taken at face value.

What I want to get across in this text is that when our basic freedoms to think and speak for ourselves are being taken away by both our government and society itself, and our world starts to sway under lies and ideologies that we ourselves do not want a part in, we drown in the rain. Not rain in it's most basic sense; water. But the reign of our governments who forfeit our freedoms because of ideologies and morals that they believe to be more important. When you approach politics from a realistic and amoral viewpoint, you do not forfeit the greater good for a small group of people or a minute, insignificant mindset held only by a few.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not subscribe to all views held in a Realpolitik world. However, I do agree that in our country and in our world, many times governments compromise in areas that should not be compromised in because they choose ideologies that have been in place for years and years that may actually not be appropriate anymore.

They say grow with the times. If we can grow to accept, value, and respect one another in spite of years and years of slavery and murder because of race and religious beliefs; I think our government needs to grow too. Grow away from ideologies that stem from our government's founding days and step towards progress. Stop putting people in boxes. Stop pushing for equality by segregating one group of people in favor of another. There is a fine balance to be had in a well functioning governmental system; a balance that I by no means claim to understand. All I am here to do is to make you think about the more detailed aspects. Do not just vote on a prop because it claims to do one thing, find out what other things it's going to do and weigh your options, beliefs, and question whether those beliefs are going to benefit others. If they don't, re-evaluate your stance.

Do not be mindless drones in our world. Take back your voices and your right to speak and above all, seek truth. Truth is power; and ultimately truth is what will last in our world and make a real difference.

This is a world I see outside my window. Can you see it too?

Vivo amare imparare.
-The Misunderstood

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