Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catch A Glimpse

When my world comes crashing down around me I tend to spiral out of control. We all know this is a somewhat common happening. Well, I was told I'm not allowed to spiral out of control this time to cope. I have to be strong. I have to do stuff for myself to make myself feel better. I have to not beat myself up. Well for the first time in my life I really want to keep the promise I made to do this. I always say I won't drink or smoke my sorrows away but I do anyway. This time, I feel almost as though it is a last chance to prove my love; To prove that I will do anything for the person I made this promise to. To regain the trust I so tragically threw away in one drunken night.

You know who you are, and if you are reading this, never, under any circumstances, forget how much I love you. Whether time heals the wounds or the distance lasts forever, never forget my love.

This is my text that will live on forever; after we both are gone. In hopes to remind lovers of the tragedy that can be had from the follies of one poor night; That it is possible to lose the love of your life because of one poor decision. I pray that this is not my fate. I pray for forgiveness and for grace and for truly inspired trust to carry us through. If that is not granted to me however, I will never forget this text; I will never leave it off of my person. It will be a constant reminder to me of the follies of my youth.

Catch A Glimpse

There is no more to say.
Beauty that cannot be washed away.
We caught a glimpse of love.
It's lost in the disaster of one moment.

Regret haunts a soul that was free.
Lost again.
Drowning in the drink.
Forgetting troubles isn't that easy.

A promise to be strong.
A promise to not be me.
A promise to keep going.
Don't let myself be beat.

A promise that proves love?
Last chance to say I'm sorry?
Possible again to become free?

Given up all hopes.
Thrown away true love
Like one more shot thrown back.
Move on.It's all in the past.

Be strong.
Don't be beat.
Do for yourself;
After all, you're the one in need.

I won't move on.
I must be strong.
Can't forget all of my wrongs.

Won't give in until love returns.
Only love will heal these burns.
Time to recover.
Time to retreat.
Time again,
Don't hit repeat.

I'm done with the past.
Won't drink it away again.
Will it ever be forgiven;
This unspeakable sin?


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