Monday, March 30, 2009


Change is a terrifying word sometimes isn't it? The mere word signifies something that almost everyone fears, at least to some point. Just hearing that something is going to change sends people's heart rates through the roof; pulses sky rocket, and tempers flair. Just because something is changing though doesn't mean it's always a "bad" thing though of course. But, how often do we hear the word without immediately thinking of something bad that may happen? Not often.

So, speaking of change, my life is changing like crazy right now. Here's the deal, I'm now out of place in the work world. Oh yes, it's quite true. I quit my job on Thursday and my last day is going to be next Saturday. If the fact that I am now unemployed isn't terrifying in and of itself, I also have zero prospects for a new one. I'm trying to get a job at Starbucks; I'm trying to get a job at different restaurants; I'm trying to get a job at the river this summer. It's scary crap my friends. I hate not having a job. One of my great friends just got fired too, so, at least I have someone to mourn with right? heh, right.

Oh, next on the list, I adore being single most of the time OK, but lately it's been becoming a major pain in the neck! Everywhere I go I have friends trying to set me up with different guys, I have a ton of guys I know asking me out because they know I am now single, and I really do not enjoy turning people down. Having a significant other really does relieve some of the stress because being off the market can be really relaxing. Getting back into the game can be traumatizing too, no lie. I don't like being some object or prize to be won. It's disgusting.

At last, my list of things to accomplish in the next few months:

#1. Find a new job. (in the next few weeks)
#2. Find a really great guy. (giving that quite a few months)
#3. Learn how to play guitar. (give that more than a few months)
#4. Learn to speak Spanish. (who wants to take bets on if that will actually happen?)
#5. Write a new song. (And actually record it)
#6. Forget about the past as much as I can. (it's already happening believe it or not)
#7. Lose 15 more pounds and look amazing for summer (oh yes, it's happening)
#8. Get A's in my classes this semester (well on my way)
#9. Travel this summer. (Palm Springs, Washington; just a couple on the list)
#10. LOVE.

So that is my short short list of things I want to get done in the next few months (or so) and I am going to mark them off this summer as I go. There will be an update in a short time in which I will tell how many things I accomplished.

For now, I need to go get ready to leave. Oh what a busy busy life I have.

Stress, it's what pushes us to live; to love; and to learn.

As Always,
Vivo Amare Imparare

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