Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Endless Battle. (All Is Lost)

I sit here pondering exactly what makes people keep striving to live. After one has lost all that they ever wanted to live for what's the point to keep going? There's a point at which we all want to give in and sink into that grave because we feel it to be the all to easy escape. When darkness and light meet and we can't tell the difference between the two contrasting emotions and forces.Should faith be forgotten? Should that which we have been supposedly seeking after be tossed to the side of the road and trampled over on our way to a meaningless end? Who is to be the judge of whether or not our end is indeed meaningless or valuable?

After losing it all. All that I have held so dear and all that I have wanted to live for I realized there is a force that keeps pushing us. You can choose to ignore that force or you can choose to let it pull you along and hope and pray that in the end it will lead you to something better or more meaningful than what you have lost. I've been pushing back. Trying to remain in a place that is being torn apart piece by piece and will not be left standing even with me in it. I've been trying to fight the impossible fight and realized that it's a war I cannot win. The dark met the light and the two forces melded into something I couldn't understand. There's a choice. Love that which is lost forever or embrace that which could lead to joy.

I have not decided.


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