Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Summer Long

Let's start this blog off good ok? My life is insane right now. I'm in such a good mood. Why is that? That my friend's is because I'm going to Palm Springs this friday for a 5 day conference and my best friend is going with me! The word "excited" doesn't even begin to cover my mood.

I have a lot of amazing things planned this summer! Palm Springs first off, and then Hume Lake. Hume lake is probably the most amazing camp I could ever go to. I get to spend the whole week with some of my best friends, and it's a christian camp so I'm going to learn alot to.

Oh, off the subject, I'd like to mention how absolutely amazing music is. Isn't it cool how listening to a song can put you in a totally different mood than you started off in? That is the best type of music. Some of you who are fans of older music may have noticed that the title of this blog is the title to a famous Beach Boys song as well. I felt it only an appropriate title for this blog and if you haven't heard the song in a while, I suggest you go listen. It will put you in a good mood.

I'm really not sure I have anything "important" or "relevent to life" to talk about today. Nothing for you all to learn from or anything, but I will tell you what I've been up to!

Work, work, work, and well, more work. Work has been crazily busy lately because school's out and families are shopping together. I have been doing a ton of stuff that I never do because they need my help. Stocking shelves, that is not in my job description, however, when they beg me to help, I do my best. Oh, I'd like to point out the fact that the people I work with are amazing. We have fun. Yes, I used the word "fun." You may ask the question, "how is it even possible to have fun while 'working?'" Well, it is possible. When you want to have fun, you find a way.

My wrists have been killing me lately. Many of my good friends know I have bad wrist problems. That's not a good thing to have when you are a musician and you work at a physically demanding job. My wrists go back and forth with feeling terrible and feeling "so so." It's really annoying when three of the things you love most in your life demand strong hands and wrists and you have terrible ones to offer. What are those three things? They are, playing piano, playing tennis, and playing volleyball. Do you see my point? I have tried everything. All sorts of supplements and vitamins but nothing really seems to help for a prolonged amount of time. So pray for me, I always have to make a fast recovery but usually when they get as bad as they have gotten it takes a while for them to heal up.

Well basically I think that concludes this blog for the world outside my window today.

As always,
Vivo amare imparare

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Anonymous said...

Feel your pain with the wrists!! Can't wait for Hume!!!!