Friday, December 4, 2009

As the News Reel Plays on

So it is becoming more and more common for me to open up my blogs with the lyrics of songs... I suppose that when I am lacking time to compose poetic illustrations of my life, other people's illustrations will have to suffice.

Dismantle Repair- Anberlin

"One last glance from a taxi cab
Images scar my mind
Four weeks've felt like years
Since your full attention was all mine
The night was young and so were we
Talked about life, God, death, and your family
Didn't want any promises,
Just my undivided honesty, and you said

Oh oh, things are gonna change now for the better
Oh oh, things are gonna change, oh, they're gonna change
I am the patron saint of lost causes
A fraction of who I once believed (change)only a matter of time
Opinions I would try and rewrite
If life had background music playing your song
I've got to be honest, I tried to escape you But the orchestra plays on, and they sang

Oh oh, things are gonna change now for the better
Oh oh, things are gonna change"


That was a quick little summary of a fragment of my life as of late. I have been dealing with allot in my life in the last few months, but in the end it all seems to just dismantle and repair itself. I don't know how, but in the last few months I've had many trials in my life, and yet, all I seem to be able to focus on is the good stuff. Thank God for that right. I could be focusing on my lack of car, (transmission just went out) my lack of money, (haven't been getting many hours at work) my being so sick that I can't work the shifts I do get, but, I've been focusing on the fact that I only have 6 months left of school, I have a couple internship offers, I have one job offer, I have this pretty great guy in my life that I'm slowly but surly pulling into my mess of what I call a life. I'm focusing on the good things!

As I said in my mess of an intro above, I've been going through ALLOT! Another thing to add to the list is that I have been having allot of problems in my church. There are a ton of people who are supposedly leaving because of me. And there have been people who are even trying to split the church apart. I've been attacked by one person, literally, physically attacked. And, I have to get a restraining order against said person. So my trust in God is being tested lately. But I've been praying and looking to Him for guidance and it all seems to be working out in the end. God has a sense of humor though because he keeps putting ironic things in my life to look at and go "really? God are you seriously going to make me deal with this too?" and He pretty much just says "yeah.... have fun. I'm here for you." At least everything is working out in the end though.

I've also been in school 40 hours a week and working about 21 hours a week lately. I thought I had allot more endurance until I started doing so much! I honestly have worked myself sick. I now have to take almost a week off from school and work so that I can recover. And believe me when I say that my school and my employer are not very happy about that.

A positive thing to bring up however, is this; School is going really well. I have become allot more confident in the things I do on a regular basis. I suppose that's a good thing seeing as how I plan on being a hair dresser for a living. If I wasn't comfortable then that would be very disconcerting for many people.

Anyway, that is the short update for now. I have to go get some sleep. Yes I know it's the middle of the morning, but this cold is taking a tole on me.

As of right now, that's all I can see of the world outside my window.

~The Misunderstood

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Just Me said...

Congrats on the job offer and internship offers. =]
I'd let you cut my hair, but I'm growing mine out! haha. yeaaa so this is my blog account I made a ways back... I just don't know what to write about yet.