Thursday, August 14, 2008

Work, School, Work, School, Does it ever end?

I think everyone would agree that it absolutely "blows" to be a journalism student and have writer's block. Am I right? Classes are about to start up and I am having writer's block with the simplist of things. I definitely need some inspiration. I plan on finding some this week before school starts up.

For now however I'll update everyone on my life. I'm finally enrolled in classes and am taking some really great courses this semester. Philosophy, English, Sociology, and Nutrition. All of them are classes I'm excited about. All of them will require allot of writing; and allot of them will require allot of reading. So, I will be really busy this semester. I'm working one job right now and in september I'll have another one lined up for about 5 months of work. Two jobs and school; what am I thinking?!

I know what I'm thinking. Two jobs and a year of school equal a few months of freedom in Europe. I will be able to get away and clear my head so that I will be ready for the next 4 years or so of school. Traveling expenses are not my favorite thing in the world. But, there is no way to avoid spending all that money. Living in youth hostels will only save so much.

So that's basically it for the short version of an update on my life. I have allot going on right now but it's way to much to write. So you'll have to be patient for my next post. ^_^
As for now, that's it for the world outside my window.

vivo amare imparare

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